Sat February 24, 2024

Uncle Mingo and The Archetypes

Uncle Mingo

One of the most popular touring bands in the Southeast in the 1990’s, Uncle Mingo played over 200 live shows a year and traveled as far as Colorado and Wyoming to played to packed houses. The band recorded four full length, critically acclaimed studio albums during their time on the road. Their music continues to resonate with fans and has seen heavy rotation on radio stations from Charleston to DC and from Atlanta to New Orleans. With funky grooves and a screeching horn section, their high energy live shows have a reputation for being an all-out dance fest unlike any other. Performing only one or two shows a year these days, an Uncle Mingo live show is an event not to missed!!

The Archetypes

In the late ’80s and early ’90s, The Archetypes rocked local frat parties and clubs with a set of jangly, uptempo original tunes and a mix of classic and preppy college rock favorites. During the band’s brief but exciting run, they were one of the most beloved, in-demand rock bands in Charleston.

“R.E.M. was a huge musical influence, but they inspired us in other ways, too,” remembers Wadley. “Like with a lot of the bands who were all over college radio at the time, we thought, ‘Man, if these guys can do it, we can do it.’ The plan at the time was certainly to go as big and as far as we could go. We had to have that attitude. You gotta give it a hundred percent to be a decent band.”

In Charleston, the band gigged private parties, high school dances, and local clubs, like Club Dog Alley, the original Cumberland’s, and the Windjammer.